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Episode 2v2.0
We finally tackles what the whole internet has been too chicken shit to discuss, PORNOGRAPHY.

Cheerleaders. Check out the Cheerleader Nite Trailer!

BOF went to Frightvision and do we have some fun pictures and a few gripes!

If you haven't seen the 1st show of the 10th season it is not too late. Jungle/Swamp Nite Booya!

BOF Classics are here!
White Trash Partying, H.G. and HOMOPHOBIA!

We finally obtained the Abortion Night show from 1992, it is being re-edited, uncut... here is a taste! This got us kicked off the TV!

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Brother George, having over 15 years experience in film, video and script production. The force in the initial production of the early Brains on Film episodes, Bro. George has 2 features in production and has already made it to Sundance once with a film project! Look at him!

Web geek, talk radio host, rock star, Professor Tread has 15 years experience in what can best be described as communications. He covets his rep as at legit Redneck, so be careful if you find yourself offendable.
Feast your eyes!

Jumpin' Joe's checkered past includes managing an alternative radio station, fronting countless rawk bands, endless hours of bad movie and pro wrestling consumption, and most notable, his encyclopedic knowledge of film type substances.
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