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You're mom won't like 'em.

Brother George
Bro. George has over 15 years experience in film, video and script production. Truly the force in the initial production of the early Brains on Film episodes, George also produced the critically acclaimed independent film 100 Proof, which played at the Sundance Film Festival among many notable achievements. As bass player in Ted Bundy's Volkswagon, he was know for his pre-gig bowel movements among other things. Bro. George also produced Dusk 'til Dawn: Kentucky's Rural Drive-In Theaters, and countless other educational and commercial videos. The Bro. currently has scripts floating all around L.A. and may explode any second. A "real" director, a editor best described as ploddingly slow, Bro. George is the BOF worrier. His daily regiment includes at least 7 hours in the steam room, an enema and 45 chicken wings. If Bro. George wants something he usually just takes it, so ladies hide your shoes.

Professor Tread
Web geek, talk radio host, rock star, Larry has 15 years experience in what can best be described as communications. Along with Bro. George, the other original "Brain," Tread was along on the early episodes of the first shows and co-produced Dusk 'til Dawn, the two then had a modicum of success in the oft-referred to Ted Bundy's Volkswagon, a loud rock band. A brief stint as bar-owner then lead to a career in talk radio only to wind up back on the computer as an award winning graphic designer and web developer. Rumor has it you can still catch him talking trash on an a.m. radio near you. A superficial asshole, Tread is responsible for the way things look at Brains on Film. The web design, shirt design, hair styles and clothing are all handled in dictator-like fashion by Prof. Tread. A former dresser for Waylon of "Waylon & Madame" fame, Tread is 100% dude, so whatever you do don't bring up fast dancing.

Jumpin' Joe
Jumpin' Joe's checkered past has included managing an independent alternative radio station, fronting countless rock bands, endless hours of bad movie consumption, frequent talk radio guest spots and most notably he is a walking film encyclopedia. The latest edition to the Brains on Film on air cast, Jumpin' is best described as lethal. Expect brilliance. Jumpin's Pro Wrestling collection rivals Vince McMahon's collection of sweaty jocks. Jumpin' Joe's frontman skills were honed behind the mic with such notable bands as The Stuck Pigs, Luche Libre and BabyShit Brown. Jumpin' has taken on the role of "Nice Guy" in the BOF camp. While the other 2 ego-maniacs spend time pissing folks off, Jumpin' can be found buying Bob Z'Dar drinks, knocking back a spring water with Ron Jeremy or getting a $10 table dance for $5...ever the sweetheart Joe was voted "Most Likely To Quit the Show" in a recent Gallup Poll.

El Turbo Grafix