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We open on quite a party goin'on; there's loud music and smoking and drinking and snorting a'plenty. A guy and a girl repair to the kitchen where another guy busts open the door and shoots the first guy right in the damn face. We're off and running kids, we must be watching BURY ME AN ANGEL (1971). It's not your usual biker revenge flick as it was written and directed by a woman. Barbara Peters went on after this to direct 1980's HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP for Corman and get pissed off when Roger inserted some monster rape scenes without her permission.

After the opening credits we're back into it a year later. We learn that the chick who witnessed the killin' was the victim's sister, and her name is DAG BANDER. She's played by Dixie Lee Peabody, I can't decide which name is cooler. (Dixie's sole other credit is in 72's NIGHT CALL NURSES.) Dag has been tortured by the vision of her bro's death ever since the killing, and she's got revenge on her mind so she heads off on her brother's hog with 2 goofball sidekicks for some payback on that sumbitch. Now this being a biker movie they have plenty of superfluous adventures along the way which include:

-Lots of obligatory shots of driving down the highway with bad music playing.

-A not-to-be-missed encounter with a munchkin voiced cop "What in the cornbread hell are y'all doin' here?"

-A bar fight featuring a tracheotomy patient dressed like an old west prospector for some reason.

-Some welcome skinny dippin' followed by a Dag freak-out (she freaks out a lot).

-An encounter with a pot smoking witch named OP (?) Who implores Dag to give up her self-destructive quest in a bit of an Ollie Stone type segment.

-A romantic tryst with Dan Haggerty as a sensitive art teacher, followed by a freak-out(and ladies, is a quickie with Grizzly Adams freak-out fuel or what??)

-Why, on Grizzly Adams, when Grizzly spoke with his Indian friend, Grizzly used English while the Indian used Indian language? Couldn't one of them pick a language and stick with it? This has nothing to do with the movie, that's just always bugged me.

The freak-outs are the best part of the movie by the way. We get to see Dag's brother get his face shot off at least a half-dozen times, including once in a neato "magic-mirror" scene. So Dag finally catches up with the guy and.....aw heck kids, there's a shocking twist ending so I hate to give it away, but you should see BURY ME AN ANGEL for a pretty-well made flick with a fine performance by Ms. Peabody and for a feminine take on a classic exploitation theme. Oh, alright, CLICK HERE if you just wanna learn the ending.

Okay I have done this and you end up with sore nipples.

Dag is locked and loaded and upset with this guy who knows a secret about her brother!

"I know about your and your brother, you are sick...sick, it's, it's ..........CLICK!

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Dag doing her best Bionic Woman Look.

Dag is freaking out during this freakout about her freakin' brother!

And more freaking out....

And still more freaking out...this brother must have been special.

This uptight crack thinks that Dag will take "no" for answer...what do you think?

Dag's Angels try and loosen up the school marm.

Guns in school. Here Dag foreshadows Columbine by almost 20 years. Kids do not try this at home, conceal your weapons.

It is going take a long time to dig that grave with the butt of a rifle.

Look, I'm sorry, I am just trying to help, Dag!
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