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Nigger. King Koon. Honkey Faggot. Spic. Chink. Burr Head. Sambo. Aunt Jemima. Cracker Trash.


Well, those are just written words and they just don't convey the explosive "hate," like hearing them leave the lips of William Sanderson (TV's Larry, from my brother Darryl and my other brother Darryl, Newhart fame) does. Although on Mr. Sanderson's webpage, he makes no mention of this film, even though he mentions the smallest roles he's played on shitty stages across the US. That's right, the guy responsible for the "where's the beef" of network television, plays a mean-assed cracker, racist, rapist. That's Fight for Your Life, AKA I Hate Your Guts, AKA Staying Alive...

This Last House on the Left inspired exploitation sleaze takes "trapped in the house with some zanies" to a new level by adding the most racist activities captured for an audience since Rodney King took one helluva jive-assed stompin' from "the man" a few years back. I axe you, time in and time out...Do it deliver? Yes, Prof. Tread. It do!

Let's set this up for you, even though I hate giving too much away, so I will preface the summary by saying, to read about this film cannot do it justice. Period. So here it goes.

Three convicts escape from a prison van and make their escape with a stolen car. The cons represent quite there own slice of effnick pie. There's Geno Rodriguez, an Hispanic, Chow Ling, an Asian and Jesse Lee Kane, their country boy, white leader. The three are pursued by a cop called Rule Book Reilly (a by the fuckin' rule book copper who knows old Kane can be bad news). It ain't long before they commit some killing when a Gober from the fillin' station gets in the way.

The gang stop at a liquor store and it ain't long before they're killing again. The store owner pulls a gun to no avail and gets it in front of his toddler daughter who is perched in a hi-chair. Kane then sticks the pistol to the baby's temple explaining, "we can't have no witnesses." His compadres flinch and moan and he pulls the trigger, but the gun is empty. Kane just snickers, " I knew it was empty all the time." This is the point in the film when you realize, to cop a familiar urban phrase, "aw shit, it is on." A black girl, Corine Turner is at the store trying to hook up a bottle of ripple for the dinner she is planning with her black family. The crew makes Corine take them to her house where they plan to hole out until dark. It's not long before Corine's whole family are hostages. There's her father Ted,whose a minister, her mother, grandma and younger brother Floyd.

Okay, now as a reviewer, I'll admit sometimes I am prone to exaggeration. "This is scarey, that is frightening, I am hung like a mule." But what follows for much of the rest of the movie is an extreme barrage of physical and verbal humiliation and brutality truly unmatched in much of cinematic history. Period. Kane is one nasty piece of shit and doesn't hold back in his obvious hatred for other races. Hell, he even calls his fellow convicts Chink and Spic. The Turner family are portrayed early in the story as fine upstanding Christians and they are definitely not prepared for what this peckerwood is dishing out.

Kane rains down on Ted and his family every racist name under the sun. From Spade, Nigger, Neeegrooow, Monkey Face to Black Arse Coon, Darkie, Jungle Bunny, Deputy Dawg and more. He calls grandma 'Aunt Jemima', calls Floyd 'King Koon Junior'. Kane is goddamned relentless with the abuse and humiliation afforded the Turners. The Turners try hard to practice the "turn the other cheek" thing but Grandma even gets baited to the point of calling Kane "a piece of white trash."

It's actually white friends of the family who become the first victims of physical violence. Karen who dated Val, Corinne's deceased other brother, is raped and thrown into the river also by Chow Ling. Floyd's friend Joey (who happens to be the local sheriff's son) gets beaten to death with a rock by Chow Ling in a scene that is shocking even in a movie that throws around racial slurs like Russel Crowe fucks Hollywood starlets, many and often.

The humiliation continues as Kane makes Ted the dad dance, he jokes 'jig do a jig'. He also makes the mother raise her hand when she needs to pee and then won't let her go as her bladder is about to burst. The whole thing plays out like a damn Aryan Nation Parlor Drama, as the "nigger, spook, darkie, King Koons" fly. Floyd, the son, tries to challenge Kane and even the grandma is dying to ring the fuckers neck.

The violence escalates as Kane bitch slaps Ted unconscious with a bible, then drags Corinne in a bedroom to rape her. Geno also rapes her. A line that is overlooked due mainly to the barrage of hate-filled dialogue is dropped, "man, she sure was tight...yeah, I know." Damn, even the "spick" taking sloppy seconds commented on the lack of man-meat old Kane was packing and didn't even know it. Meanwhile the cops have the house surrounded, they had tracked down the house from Corinne's abandoned bike left at the liquor store. Joey's body is found and his distraught father (remember, he's a sheriff) rushes the house with his gun. What happens next? Well you'll just have to see for yourself.

What Fight for your Life has that most movies completely lack which try to show true hatred is the ability to do it without flinching. William Sanderson, delivers these lines with the aplomb of a well-trained stage actor or as a pure nigger hating cracker. Which one is he? Hopefully the well-trained actor. You cannot sit and watch this film without ultimately beggin' papa Ted to take him out. The filmmakers (Robert Edelson directs, only other credit 1975's The Filthiest Show In Town, the screen writer Straw Weisman (who definitely deserves a mention) also penned the Troma comedy 'When Nature Calls') attacked this project with unadulterated passion. How else can you explain the nastiness of all the film depicts. They weren't afraid of being labeled racists because ultimately there is retribution...I guess you can say that although Kane turns a Christian man against his beliefs ultimately spitting out to Kane, "little dick, white trash faggot." We find out at the end that Kane's Mama tried a little black and never went back, as they say and that Kane was probably raped up the ass by a "Big Black Bogeyman" as Ted puts it.

If you think inside some of the world's ugliest realities such as racism, you can find humor, like I do, then there is some delightful movie magic. When Kane wants Ted to dance and he says he can't, Kane quips " better not let the news get out, you'll give the race a bad name." Blacks supposedly came close to rioting the 42nd St. grindhouses there "Fight" played. I remember Revc. Rick Sullivan describing slinking down in the seat during some of Sanderson's more colorful dialogue sequences in the bible of the bad, Gore Gazette, as he and a pal watched in glee all up in Times Square. Of course, by the end the bruthas were cheering like the fucking 8th grade Pep Squad as the tables begin to turn.

Fight for your Life is banned in the UK. It is on the 'official' video nasties list. And there is no gore to speak of. What does that tell you? But I ask you this? Have you heard any CD by DMX, Jay Z, or a wealth of other so-called Hip-Hop artists? Jesse Lee ain't got shit on these wisenheimers. DMZ chorus..."what ch'all niggas want"? repeated probably 30 times. Jay Z, "who'm I rollin' wit, my niggas!" So before you get all uppity, think about how much of that same shit is being said all day every day in the US of fucking A. Not to mention the terms faggot, bitch, whore, and the phrases, suck my dick, back that ass up and so on. And "redneck" is used like some sort of term of endearment when its roots purely point to anti-white anti-working class rhetoric. Look don't get me wrong, everytime I hear Chris Rock say "nigger" I laugh. Jeff Foxworthy has a classic car collection because he writes jokes about cousins fucking. It is all subjective. So get over it. Hate is hate. Just because you laugh doesn't mean you agree and just because you don't doesn't mean you don't. Get over it...words is just words. Here have some fun if you haven't already with this official Racial Slur Generator. Delight some of your best friends. I know they are black.

kane assumes that Ted can tap dance.

And he is right!

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Kids gather 'round Prof. Tread gonna tell y'all story about Mr. Kane.

Okay A Chink, Redneck and Spic walk in this Black families house...

What could this toddler possibly have done? #2!

Rulebook Riley shows us he is an actor he never covers his face with the megaphone. Good job Rulebook!

Ted dances for Kane's enjoyment. A "jig doin' a jig"

More violence, this time a kid. Yowsa, this thing never stops.

Ted, a proud man, reduced to becoming as bad as Kane.

Kane, Mr. William Sanderson, ladies and gents....actor?

Add rape to the list of lowlife activities portrayed.

Kane prepared to do very little damage with his small white weenie.

Kane goes down, in the end....

So anyhoo, A Spic, and Chink and a Redneck the walk into a ....

Evil, I tell you, evil, this Kane.

More rape, Jungle Fever style.

One dead racist...but who REALLY wins? Why can't we all just get along?
Brains On Film 2003