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Japan, the best wrestling, the best pop culture, the best electronics. We all know who really won the war, right. Well this grand salute to America's Ghostbusters comes from over there. Japanland. I want to go.

High School Ghosthustlers, from the same folks that bring us the FMW DVD's chock full of the worlds finest wrestles deliver this Ghostbuster homage which takes place in Joblo High School which has been possessed by some spirits with very over active libidos. And this has the kids over at Keizai University less than super-happy smile-grin.

This thing starts off is subtle fashion but really comes around and we have our 3 heriones Kyoko, Mayu and Emi battling and looking extra fine doing it. Kyoko is Japanese supermodel Senna Matsuda.

The biggest problem with the film is the plot line. It seems that all the ghosts want to do is fuck, often and happily, the Ghosthustlers are not down with that. Why? I do not know. Sex seems to be not a good thing even though wowsa on the schoolgirl outfits the Ghothustlers are sporting. I know the Japanese have a weird pedophiliac fascination with the gals. I am not even gonna mention this Hentai shit or the Japanese mass murder that happened at an elementary school just recently. They scare me when you start talking sex with the little bastards. We have a father character who has battled these amoral apparitions before by using some sort of bookmarks safety pinned to his Kimono, we do know that. And guaranteed, he will help out our gals, when they need it.

There is some topless nudity, some orgasmic mutterings but it is all fairly harmless until near the end when your realize that the weird protoplasmic slug things which hang around on the floors and the ceilings in the bathrooms are big ol' uncut Johnsons. Yep, that is right, at first you say, "is that a Johnson, that looks like a Johnson, Jumpin" then you say, "no that ain't no Johnson, it can't be, it is just a big slug-thing." Then one points right in the camera and jizzs right at ya. Then you say "I knew that was a Johnson, there's big ol' uncut Johnsons everywhere, Jumpin." Sure enough, the big payoff at the end involes a Johnson which evolves into a 40 inch high Johnson with teeth and tentacles and tries to do a Hustling thang of his own on our heriones. But lo and behold that is not to be, given the gals have a couple super Dust BustersTM, a stick with some ribbon on the end and a lot of bookmarks.

The moral, Johnsons bad, expecially uncircumsized toothy ones, sex bad in high school and me super-laughy ha-ha happy boy.

Get yours today. American Slime.

Supermodel Japan-style.

The Good Guys!

The Bad Guy!

The gals, locked, loaded, for the big clean up.

Take that you evil Johnson!

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