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If you just dying to add BOF episodes to your crazy video collection, then guess what? You can do it 3 episodes at a time. We have 3 volumes ready for you with more on the way, each volume contains a mix of new and old shows guaranteed to please. And they are cheap, as well. Each tape is only $7.77 each plus postage. Email for details!
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Episode ONE: Swamp/Jungle Nite
You'd think after a decade of shows, that Professor Tread and Brother George would have their shit together, but it's the usual chaos as they not only argue the respective merits of Larry Buchanan's Curse of the Swamp Creature and Ron Ormond's Untamed Mistress, they can't even come to an agreement onthe show's theme. Is it Jungle Nite or Swamp Nite? Swamp Nite or Jungle Nite?

Episode TWO: Christ! It's a Xmas Show
It's a Brains on film Jihad as our hosts toast the holiday season, serve up a little X-Mas fun and bring more than a few death threats to the BOF home office as well as the local cable company with their ill-timed and inexplicable "towelhead" zingers, which have nothing to do with the films of choice this episode: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians and Silent Night, Deadly Night.

Episode THREE: Buttloads of Backwoods Buffoonery
A rare episode of unity for Brother George and Professor Tread. True to their white trash past, they lay praise at the feet of the greatest filmmaker of all time, S.F. Brownrigg and the greatest film of all time, Scum of the Earth aka Poor White Trash Part II. Yee Haw, ya bastards!

Episode ONE: Drive-In Nite
Take a trip to the drive-in (ok, it's a closed drive-in but that didn't stop us from busting in) and pontificate on the greatest drive-in movie of all time: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It's Good. You'll Like It! You'll squiirm at Bro. George's late 80s hair, you'll wince at Prof. Tread's paisley shirt.

Episode TWO: Acid 60s Nite
The Resin stained and felonious hands of the Infamous Turkish Director Skidz Rhubarb are all over this freaked-out and hippified episode as Skidz puts his patented Acid-CAM® to work as the boys groove on Psych-Out and The Trip. Stupifyingly long and indulgent...just like a hit of blotter. Smell the Purple!

Episode THREE: Porno Nite (The Director's Cut!)
Sex and the World Wide Web? What a novel idea. Leave it to Professor Tread and Brother George to bring these two pillars of modern civilization--the internet and pornography-- together...finally! Aren't you glad we thought of it first? Brother George has the unenviable task of defending Chuck Vincent's In Love while Professor Tread excerpts John Holmes's love letter to himself, Exhausted. Put on your raincoat and keep at least two seats between you and your pals.

Episode ONE: Homophobia Nite
Professor Tread and Brother George politically correct? A more low­key, paranoid film critic team nearly ruins their reputation with this almost tasteful take on the Love That Dare Not Speaketh Its Name. Suffice to say that Tread and the Brother would be punching donuts Stryker style if this show were to be remade in the new millenium. Their performances are faggy beyond belief as they take a limp-wristed look at Making Love and Cruisin'!

Episode TWO: Cannibal Halloween
Herschell Gordon's got nothing on the BOF crew in the bad directing, bad location sound, bad acting department. If you can make it past the pathetic attempt at (ugh) skit comedy you'll see a cannibalicious take on Motel Hell. Oh yeah, it's Halloween! You can tell by Tread's ghostly boxer shorts...

Episode THREE: H.G. Lewis Nite, A Tribute!
Ripping off old H.G.'s style in the previous show, it was only fitting that we praise the splatter master in this one. Prof. Tread in one of his most inspired performances as Fuad Ramses from Blood Feast tries to keep the show in control during Brother George's 25 beer salute to 2000 Maniac's Mayor Buckman!

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