3 Headed Monster by Jeff Hughart!

After playing in the infamous punk rock band The Rotters (Sit on My Face Stevie Nicks) for nearly 16 years, aging punk rocker, Jeff Hughart decided his hearing was just about gone and the gigs were always past his bedtime. So, very gingerly, bones creaking, he put his bass guitar down. Then he retired to the suburbs of Los Angeles where after some recovering of his hearing loss, he decided to very gingerly, bones creaking again, pick up some charcoal, a pencil, some pastels and a paint brush. Then he put them all down and picked up just the pencil and started to draw. Then the charcoal, which led to pastels, which then led to paints. And the rest is history. Well, sort of. Anyway, instead of the screaming fans and the one night stands, Jeff has now opted for the solitude of painting and drawing inspired by his nightmares and his imaginary friends that like to tell him what to do.

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