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KILLING SPREE...KILLING SPREE...KILLING SPREE...I'm singing those words in a loungey falsetto, just for you. The lyrics aren't in the movie soundtrack Jumpin' Joe and myself claim rights to those.

Ahhhhh, that which is KILLING SPREE.

You know, what is it about us film geeks that makes us so willing to praise work of past genre geniuses like William Girdler, Ron Ormond, Al Adamson and so on and totally ignore out comtemporaries. Sure some squeak through, the Tromas and the Fred Olen Rays, but how about the guys who are truly going at it independant style and have been for years. The punk rock of filmmaking in the true sense. This is the spirit of Killing Spree and of the filmmaker Tim Ritter. Whether the be direct to video or current grindhouse fodder. Ritter's Dirty Cop, No Donut just ran in Times Square for Christ's Sake, Ritter has truly wallowed in independance, along with bodily fluids, excrement and a few other things to bring his vision to light. But enough about that...KILLING SPREE!

Bro. George showed up a while ago at an early video luau with some of the work of Tim Ritter, Killing Spree's awesome box art caught my eye...a nubile, bikini clad brunette super-imposed on the top of the box and a blood covered, screaming nar-do-well said to me "c'mon in, Prof. Tread." So we did.

Just a brief side note: Many times during these movie watching get-togethers Bro. George decides that he needs his rest and that Jumpin's Joe's couch offers him something that his nice warm bed for some reason cannot. So let it be noted, Bro. George slept through that which is KILLING SPREE!

This from the box: Young newlywed Tom Russo believes his lucious new wife Leeza is having sexual encounters with their suburban neighbors and visitors. Tom retaliates by launching a methodical and highly inventive campaign to murder the lovers, utilizing such unexpected devices as a killer ceiling fan, an ordinary screwdriver, and a lawn mower! Bit Tom's victims don't intend to lie buried peacefully in his backyard... they're coming back from the dead... for REVENGE!

There you go I am not going to try and outwrite the brilliant Tim Ritter as far as plot synopsis goes. What I am going to do is touch upon some of the highlights and some possible questions that you to will probably be asking when you choose Killing spree for your viewing pleasure one evening real soon.

First off, Tom Russo, our main character played by Asbestos Felt...wowsa, this guy hates porkchops, why Tim? As director what was the movitation for Tom(Asbestos) to be some damn upset with the other white meat? And Tom's best friend, is at least 25 years his senior, Tom, I understand very early in the film, is not very likable...good work Mr. Ritter. We are subjected to Tom Russo, being frustrated, unable to make ends meet down at the garage where he works on airplanes? His nubile wife wants to help but no, no, no, Tom being the proud airplance mechanic he is, will not have it. You can cut the damn frustration with a ginsu in the Russo household. Man, is this Tennesse Williams, hell no, this is Tim Ritter, man, auteur, writer, director since age of 19 or something. Tom is plagued with bizarre dreams including a surreal "head job" that literally is a head job. This frustration leads to the unwinding of an already unlikeable guy and Ritter takes us on a journey as each day Tom reads another passage from his wife's journal another journey laborer who is trying hard to deliver quality service at a fair price meets his come-uppence.

Wow, the allegory of it all. This fucker is deep, this Tim Ritter, you thought this review was just gonna be about blood and tits. Oh no way, not with this heavy duty use of serious film tools that Mr. Ritter has chosen to wield. Tom even looses it with is ol' buddy and his ol' buddy's mohawked love interest. The far deeper question to be asked is "why the fuck doesn't Tom kill his whoring assed wife and get it over with!" Because Mr. Ritter has other plans for Tom Russo and those plans are....Fuck You, watch it yourself. KILLING SPREE! If H.G. Lewis is the The Godfather of Gore, Tim Ritter is The Bastard Fifth Cousin (twice removed) of Gore. So fuuuuuuuuuck you, get all of Tim's classics Truth or Dare, Dirty Cop No Donut, and remember that all those guys you praise and dedicate web-sites and magazines to because they were trying to make movies and they had no cold hard cash to do it big-like, so they made these odd little pictures that you have ended up loving have some evil mutated spawn out there that are alive and well...one of them just might be Tim Ritter. KILLING SPREE... KILLING SPREE...KILLING SPREE. Damn I gotta see if Tim can get me a copy of the soundtrack!

Oh by the way the "official" DVD of Killing Spree is right around the corner according to Tim Ritter as well has the behind the scenes of the making of this 1986 craptastic bastardpiece. For those more daring the "bootleg" DVD is out there on EBAY and the VHS is available almost anywhere.

I don't want to give too much away but....

Tom Russo, wound tighter than Dick's hatband.

Ladies, would you fuck around on this guy?

Tread needs mail

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Tom looks frazzled, really frazzled.


Mrs. Russo says hello to this man...the real other white meat!

Tom's best buddy gets a little head, really, now this is pornography.

I think Tim Ritter likes blood, maybe, I'm not sure.

Say bye, bye, nosey neighbor lady, That just looks like it hurts.

Asbestos takes one in the face, Tim Ritter style.

Asbestos Felt, where have you gone?

Proof right here that Punk Is Dead!

He looks pissed, don't he?
El Turbo Grafix