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What could be more difficult than being a young fresh-faced, inexperienced, future filmmaker? You have just gotten out of that fancy, overpriced film school that daddy paid for and all you want to do is get your story up on the big screen. This is the plight of our protagonist in THE GREAT HOLLYWOOD RAPE SLAUGHTER.

This unknown celluloid diet pill mixes sex and violence with a dash of insider Hollywood bashing that is a blatant indictment on the Hollywood system of the 1970s that is just as relevant in the year 2001 and beyond. Forward thinking, frightening funny and all together mandatory viewing. THE GREAT HOLLYWOOD RAPE SLAUGHTER (TGHRS) is less about the literal meanings of Rape and Slaughter and more about what a system of big boys, who decide who makes movies, does to idealistic young turks, eagerly fumbling along with their freshly Xeroxed scripts, bullhorns, and new jodhpurs. Allegory, boys and girls, for the illiterate, I reckon.

TGHRS starts right off the bat with the screening of a film student's experimental short - quickcuts between a bloody fight and a couple humping (utilizing an editing technique William Burroughs recommended for damaging one's brain) Cut to a folkgroup singing, as we see shots of the lead singer (billed in the credits as Linda Ronstadt!?) being strangled by an obese perv. The student leaves class and is off to be a great Hollywood director.

His first meeting with a "producer" interspersed with headlines from the Village Voice, Variety and more, about the impossibility of a young filmmaker making in the biz sets the tone for most of the film, as we learn that this producer was himself a young go-getter animator who got shut down when Disney started clamping down on the biz and shut the Mom and Pop animators down. Our producer has the "film bug" so in order to stay in the biz, has decided that making hairy, unattractive fuck films is his new niche. But he is willing to give the upstart a crack at making his "movie" as long as he puts some fucking in it and directs a couple thump pics to boot.

His experiences are a realistic and revealing peek inside the early 70's porn industry. He visits a shoot, fucks a would-be star behind a dumpster, chats is up with a cum receptacle while she wolfs down a bucket of KFC and gets creeped out by the less than glamorous porno making racket. Ah, the good life! The weird thing...it takes all of one day for all of this to happen and when he goes home to his real girl, he can't perform so he decides he needs to go get his script back from the sleaze merchant producer. 24 hours and the skin trade and already jaded. You would think it would take at least 48.

TGHRS was written and directed (and more likely than not starred) by Charles Brosseau/Fisher previously and since unknown and until last year unheard from. His stroll into the fuck business in pretty believable and his reemergence last year with Frozen Hot, a film which features a huge portion of TGHRS. His second feature only helps to prove that he is one fucked individual. I wrestled with giving away the ending of TGHRS and finally decided that I had to. It should not dissuade you from tracking the film down, it should only drive you to have to see it.

Most of the film moves along a decent pace, but you find yourself wondering "is this it, is it just a peek inside the bottom rung of the porno industry in 1972?" "Where's all the rape? I ain't seen no slaughter!" Well after our hero (I am sparing you names because, believe me, they just aren't that relevant) takes a considerable ass whopping trying to get his script back, mainly because he interrupted an impromptu blowjob that Mr. Big Hollywood producer was on the receiving end of, all hell breaks loose in the next scene as we see cutaways of a motorcycle, a boot, a hand, a black Indian style 10 gallon hat, an orgy, back to the bike, the hat, the boot and the hand. Then the hand putting together a rifle, the hat and so on until a door is kicked open and naked flabby swingers are sprayed with bullets by...BILLY JACK! You read that right, BILLY JACK, A beefed up dead ringer for Tom Laughlin is shooting and preaching about morality and filmmaking and shit. The one gal he spares (his wife) addresses him as Billy...he rolls over a half dead stud and forces them to go at it reminding her of the fact that she "sucked his baby out of her!" This BILLY JACK is pro-life even, along with being a moralizing, avenging angel of death. He blasts everybody at the hump happening and rides off on his motorcycle with his dead wife on a Crucifix fashioned into a big old Revelation's model sissy bar. BILLY JACK every one...I am not kidding, he even shows himself again in Frozen Hot, this time it is Billy Jack as John the Baptist. But you are going to have to wait for that review.

TGHRS does something that makes it a standout. It begins as one thing, interesting in and of itself and ends as another, just as interesting and ultimately more entertaining than you could have ever guessed. THE GREAT HOLLYWOOD RAPE SLAUGHTER. Damn, Billy Jack, who would have guessed? Hey, get your own copy below if you want it and I know you do.

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On the set....high dollar!

Man, I really like her.....

In the edit room, putting together the lovin'! What a life, just sucking and sucking and....

Billy Jack, kicking some major ass with a pistola! Do you think this moralizing bastard is playing?

Uh, that shot is not gonna match up...his hat is crooked.

This gal down a bucket of chicken in here scene, the hard way, through her mouth.

Right there is why I wouldn't eat a damn piece of liver ever again in my life...
This graphic I just did cost more than the whole film. So What?

Wow....impressive huh? Well to some of u.

A couple of skin flick producers ogling the edit.

A student film, 1970, I wish I had this one.

I really liked this gal even if her butthole was very hairy.

The shot, the one Bro. George likes, the Voyuer!

Direction...this guy is into it.

A starlet, in between sucking dicks.

16 millimeters of fun, 3 lenses.....

Who let Billy Jack in?

Billy Jacks wife, the whore!

The orgists, they didn't practice safe sex.

Billy Jack on the new Christ Pose 500, it's quick!

See what I mean he's leaving the frame!

I really dig this guy, In 1970 the combover was actually a hairstyle for guys who weren't bald.

Our filmmakers folks...they can't fool me!
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