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I'm not going to talk about the plot of RUN STRANGER RUN because it was a rare find around the BOF video ranch; a serious, competent , well executed piece of 70's almost- exploitation. (Pseudosploitation?)  Instead I'll run down a few factoids about this flick  In case you run across it, You can watch it without any wise-ass spoilers. And by the way, god bless the internet movie database, they do the research so I don't have to.

1. It was released originally in 1973 under the title HAPPY MOTHERS DAY, LOVE GEORGE.

2.  A young Ron Howard is the star, and proves what THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW and AMERICAN GRAFFITI already knew. The guys a good actor, despite HAPPY DAYS. What are you teenagers doing these days? You're not acting in low budget films. You're all listening to the hip hop and the boy bands and taking the pot.

3. Cloris Leachman's in it. Great actress, we all saw LAST PICTURE SHOW,  YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, and CRAZY MAMA. Cloris 3:16.

4. Patricia Neal is in it, and aside from the fact that she's from KY, she was in THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL and A FACE IN THE CROWD with Opie=s TV dad.  A FACE IN THE CROWD should have given Andy Griffith instant cred as an actor to be reckoned with, but that's for another review. Patricia Neal kicks much ass.

5. It was written by Robert  Clouse. Never heard of him? Me neither, but he wrote THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR, FORCE FIVE, and SOMETHING EVIL. He directed ENTER THE DRAGON,  BLACK BELT JONES, the China O Brian movies, THE BIG BRAWL, and the TV series THE MASTER. That's just a partial list of credits.  He died in 1997. Lets spill a little liquor for Robert Clouse, an unsung hero of damn fine movies.

6. It was directed by Kolchak himself, Darren McGavin. Brother George worships McGavin even more than he worships  Ben Murphy.

7. The plot involves a stranger in town, murder, sex, mystery, repression, suppression,  and family.

8. The whole thing plays like a cross between  PEYTON PLACE and A BAD DAY AT BLACK ROCK.

9. Exploitation elements: some light nudity, salty language, a really dumb guy, a slutty daughter in law,  bad folk music about being on the road, 3 murders on- screen, 5 murders off-screen, 1 swinger, dead kittens,  a never -explained english accent, some mod seventies clothes, a decomposing corpse, some blood, an abandoned house,  some maybe-incest, the ocean,  and Opie with sideburns. (Damn,  I feel like Joe-Bob.)

10. Bobby Darin's in it too.

11. Not the best movie I've ever seen but a nice surprise and well worth a look. May be the best film Roger Corman Never made.  3  stars. Jumpin Joe-bob says check it out. OPIE-FU!

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Big Budget Graphix! Don't let that sway you!

Cloris Leachman and Ron Howard and it is good, go figure!

IBow to that which is Patricia Neal, DAMMIT!

Church can be scary, it really can...

Drop trou--Opie! I won't look, I won't!

Name how many times you've seen this guy!

The Director Darren McGavin, everyone!

The sweet sexy voyeur, I dig her!!!!

The Beautiful People.
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