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There is such a wealth of great films out there that our Brains are working overtime picking the ones we want to feature on the show. We obviously can't fit them all in, but we hope to give you more insight to some of these films by providing some reviews of some of the great stuff we gulp down week-in and week-out over at Intestinal Fortitude Productions. We hope to build this section of the site at a very quick rate, so make sure and check back often, as our library of reviews will grow at a nice clip. You know, just for you.

Get To The Reviewing!

The Alienator
Attack Of The
Beast Creatures

The Baby
Barefoot County
Bat Pussy
Behind Locked Doors
Black Gestapo
Blood Freak
The Bloody Ape
Born Losers
The Burning
Bury Me An Angel
Crowhaven Farm
Daddy's Deadly Darling
Darktown Strutters
Dead and Buried
Deadbeat At Dawn
The Devil At Your Heels
Devil Times Five
Dixie Dynamite
Evil Come, Evil Go
Fight For Your Life!
Flesh Feast
Frankenstein Island
The Geek
Girl From
Tobacco Row
Good Night, God Bless
Great Hollywood
The Grim Reaper
Headless Eyes
High School
Hot Summer In
Horror House
On Hwy 5
Hunter's Blood
I Drink Your Blood

If Footmen Tire You...?
Island of Death
I Woke Up Early...
The Killing Of
A Chinese Bookie!
Killing Spree
Land of Doom
Let's Play Dead
The Meateater
Miami Golem
Moonshine County Express
The Mutilation Man
Nailgun Massacre
The Night God Screamed
Night Train To Terror
The People Across
The Lake
The Pigkeeper's Daughter
The Pink Angels
Poor Pretty Eddie
Q - Winged Serpent
Rape Squad!
Revenge of the

Run Stranger Run
Shanty Tramp
Savage Weekend
Shriek of
the Mutilated
Sleepaway Camp
Soapy the Germ Fighter
Sonny Boy
Summer Camp Nightmare
Tanya's Island

Terror at the Red Wolf Inn
These Are The Damned
The Spook Who Sat By The Door
Thunder Alley
To Kill A Clown
Truck Stop Women
Trucker's Woman
Viva' Knievel
Walking Tall
White Dog
Why Won't Cathy Eat Breakfast?
The Woman Hunt
The World's Greatest Sinner

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This is the place to watch the Show, the reason for this whole website to exist, BRAINS ON FILM, the episodes. There are now 2 categories of shows The brand spanking new ones meaning Brains on Film v2.0. And now the original Public Access shows which began 10 years ago, the BOF Classics if you will. Sorry Previews are only available for v2.0 shows.

Brains on Film v2.0
The Line Up.

v2.0 Episode One - Swamp/Jungle Night - Watch it now!
v2.0 Episode Two - Porno Night - See it, Believe it!
v2.0 Episode Three - Low-budget Night! Editing Now!
v2.0 Episode Four - Cheerleader Night, The Trailer, Watch.
v2.0 Episode Five - Go Behind the Brains.

Cock Smoking Fun!
v2.0 #2 Porno Nite Whole Frickin' Show!

Jungle/Swamp Shit
v2.0 #1 Jungle/Swamp Nite The Trailer!
v2.0 #1 Swamp/Jungle Nite The Show!

Peek behind the scenes of controversy

NEW! Brains on Film Classics

v1.0 Episode 5 - Xmas Nite, Silent Night, Deadly Night and Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
v1.0 Episode 8 - Homophobia Nite, Cruising and Making Love
v1.0 Episode 7 - Buttloads of Backwoods Buffonery
A tribute to S.F. Brownrigg's incredible Scum of the Earth
v1.0 Episode 13 H.G. Lewis Tribute Blood Feast, 2,000 Maniacs
v1.0 Episode 4 Drive-In Nite, Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Christmas gets all scarey...

Political Correctness, be damned, Cruising and Making Love are dissected ass first.

Buttloads of Backwoods...
The Show! Redneck Hijinx Galore with Poor White Trash 2!

Hershell Gordon Lewis is the Wizard of Gore...see a tribute to the great man which took over 12 hours to shoot because we were so drunk we shot a complete show inadvertently without having a camera on only to have to reshoot it after 37 beers...I am not kidding. Not for the faint of heart. Captured in (sob) 1990. Amazing

A visit to the drive-in circa 1990 and a whole show dedicated to the greatest drive-in movie ever...Texas Chainsaw Massacre...every thing you ever need to know and more.

This just obtained...Abortion Night! The show that ended the show in 1992. Currently being re-edited in all its uncut glory...here is just a hint.

El Turbo Grafix