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Does the World Wack Web need another message board? In our honest opinions, NO! With that in mind we bring you the OFFICIAL Brain Board!

That's right, a place to discuss these bad films we love, a place where we'll ask more questions than we'll probably answer. If you're wondering about a BOF episode, want to find a copy of something we've reviewed or are just anxious to tell us to die, then this is the place to do it.

Actually the movie aspect is one huge part of the board but, you can also find out what's going on with us here at Brains On Film, site updates, new and old shows, our own film productions, live events, strip club visits, favorite Sushi bars, and BOF Movie NightsTM. Hell all that sounds impressive, I want to know myself! Ahem, so as you can see it will be a fun place to hang out, Oh, we forgot to mention music, many of you movie heads are also closet tune freaks, from punk rockers to old skool weirdoes you're all invited, sure we'll talk about movie soundtracks but we'll also chitchat about some of our fave bands, not to mention our insider dirt on some musicians we used to hang around. We all were in bands a few years back that toured, recorded and lived the life as less-than-rockstars...we even had a groupie...Lastly, we have some local stuff we have to rant and rave about, we don't want to bore our 3 visitors from Bora Bora so we'll get all of that stuff off our chest in a Local Forum that will open it up to everything from the current Mayoral Campaign to best local Watering Holes to tips on the ponies running at Keeneleand.

Our goal is to be the number 32nd best cult movie board on the WWW and we think we have a shot. But it's up to you, you have to join, you have to post and the success relies totally on crowd participation. Look for for adult -type language ahead just like the rest of the site, it's for folks over 18....by clicking you are swearing on your mothers soul that you are all growed up..

Go to the Brain Board!
Frank discussion of Cult Films, Bad Directors, Noise and anything else we deem worthy...you're invited.

Questions? eMAIL any of us directly!
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