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Crypt of Dark Secrets Crypt of Dark Secrets White Lightning
This Black Stud Is Definitely No Dud! Rare, rarity, Bayou zombie action...what do you think? Burt, Gator, hicksploitation wonderpiece!
Devils Angels The Hidan
Big Bunnies, I mean Really Big Bunnies! Cassavetes on a motorcycle. What can you say? AKA The Infamous Invasion of The Girl Snatchers
Jackson County Jail Legend of McCullough's Mountain
Morgan Fairchaild and Andrew Stevens, this think cooks! Tommy Lee Jones, WIP in the South! Back off Yankees! know we love it! We need a copy of this one!
Mad Doctor of Blood Island! THe Blood Splattered Bride
Creepy calssic with a hearse, and the devil and vroomvrooms! Mr. John Ashley in this zany Filipino classic. Mad baby! Euro-Trash, splash-a-thon, nudity, nastiness and nuptials.
Night of Bloody Horror 3 On A Meathook
Stewardess Action, dual personalities and John Carradine! It's rare, its weird, and it is a must see, begin with the trailer. Billy Girdler is one of our heroes, here is just one reason why!
Flesh Feast Night of the Bloody Apes
Sadismo, strange, bizarre and lewd, Mondo-style! MMM-Monkey Brains! Adolf Hitler, maggots, the director of Blood Freak and Veronica Lake. Monkey man mania, real open heart surgery "special" effects.
Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS Last House On The Left
Beach Party, with Cheerleaders? Hell yes, now we are talking! Prof. Tread's family are all German descent, this explains a lot. This was a historic film with a historic ad campaign, see why.