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Directed By one Will Zens , (who also did 1964's THE STARFIGHTERS, possibly the most boring movie ever featured on MST3K) TRUCKERS WOMAN (1975) may be the least southern Trucker movie ever. Sure, there's a little country music thrown in on the soundtrack, but the truckers of this film are witty, urbane, and very northern. How many trucker movies have you seen where the trucker's drinking hole requires a dinner jacket to get in and has a fairly extensive wine rack? How many trucker movies have you seen with no usage of a CB radio? How many trucker movies have you seen where the truckers DON'T GO ANYWHERE? Well, I've seen one at least.

The plot of this thing is a typical "Corrupt boss killed my daddy so I'm gonna clean up this company" deal so there's not much there to talk about. The Truckers woman of the title gets nude a couple of times to wake up the audience but she really doesn't contribute much either. Veteran funnyman Doodles Weaver is the comedy sidekick and apparently had an acting exercise that involved letting a cat shit in his mouth before he delivered his lines. The guy who played the retarded Dr. Giggles on L.A. LAW is a villain but he doesn't do all that much either. Nah, the only memorable part of TRUCKERS WOMAN is it's hero, Mike Kelly (TM) as played by (get this) JIM BROADWAY.

Ole Jim gives quite a performance here and really makes Mike Kelly (TM) come to life. Mike Kelly (TM): our short, tubby, colorless, pale, hairless, flaccid, uncoordinated, uninteresting, totally unqualified hero. Mike Kelly(TM), who we're supposed to believe is a tough guy. Mike Kelly(TM), who we're supposed to believe is a irresistible sex machine. Mike Kelly(TM), so wooden you could hollow him out and use him for a canoe. Mike Kelly(TM), not worth a pimple on Ross Hagen's ass. Mike Fuckin' Kelly(TM). BAH!

That's all the review you're getting out of me!


The Truckers Woman delivers one of her 7 or so lines. Quite toothy even.

A truckers arch nemisis. Smokey, the rat bastard. Meddlin' asshole.

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Mike Kelly, ah Kelly, that just fucking sounds good, Mike Kelly (TM).

IKelly and the Truckers Woman at a Truck Stop, no doubt.

kelly fuckin' shit up. Check out that move. Hai Karate'

Truckers Woman's Crack. 10-4 good buddy.

Mike "fuckin" Kelly, Why do you ask?

The loungey truckstop with Doodles Weaver!
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