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Where have the flowers gone, long time passing...

Where has all my porn gone, long time ago. Let me preface this rant by saying "what ever floats your boat," "to each his own," "hey, I'm no fuckin' prude." Now that I have established that, I don't give a shit what it takes for you to get a nut, let me ask a very legitimate question...What has happened to PORNOGRAPHY? I mean Holy Mother of Jesus, in a scant few years we have gone from "anal" being way out there to folks being covered in "piles of shit." That is today's "new erotica." Well I'll be. A guy can hardly get on the internet without being bombarded with offers of "Shit Facials," "Scat On Yer Bat" and Tons of other "Poop Porn." have we really gotten that desensitized?

I hate to sound like an old fart, but where has the art gone in porno. No more, Sekas, Marilyns or Vanessas (grrrrwwwwllll), the "new erotica" is all about detached hunks of puss and ass with collagen injected cum spewing man meat. Granted I never cared much for porn stars trying to "act." Most of the writing was horrible, the acting "d-grade" at best and we all spent most of the show with our finger on fast forward and our hand on our Johnson. But now if you bother to actually rent or buy a tape or DVD, you can get the good parts all on one 4 hour anal, facial, big tittie, big dick, asian, interracial, black, gay, transvetite, lesbo, homo, shaven, hairy, midget, amputee, golden shower, scatological, face sitting, choking, household item or whatever compilation. I mean you talking about a waste of generally 3 hours and 57 minutes of footage. I have a friend who rents out videos, he tells me it is nothing for a guy to rent a tape and have it back in the store within the hour, possibly to rent another or two that same day, or a few of the guys make the daily run, rent a tape, bring it back before their lunch hour is up every day. I understand my bruthas, pornography, I use it to masturbate but what are some of you using it for.

Okay, take this clip that Stile sent me on Mother's Day...I click on the ,mpeg from my email, I go on working while it loads on my other machine. It begins to play and I know this because the audio that is coming from my subwoofer sounds like me after lunch at Durango's (a local authentic Mexican dive) you know a little gassy, anyhoo, I glance up and a guy I am assuming this because it is a dick, no face, just a paunch and a dick and balls) has just pulled his pecker out of what looks to be a wad of already been chewed gum, but is infact is one of those detached assholes I was speaking of. He has just lost a load inside this "thing" oh, how do I know? Well she is straining to "blow" it back out, yes, you are correct, she is farting his load back on his gut. Like a little brown "old faithful" her spincter is spewing goo in first roundish globs and finally a warm mist...how fuckin' erotic. "Honey, come look, this is sexy, just like Rose and Leonardo in the back of the old car in Titanic."

I mean, come on, I like sex, hammer that thing in there, do your thing, you know talk all dirty, and sweating and no fear, stick it here and all that, but damn, where do these folks come from. The internet has so many people doing things to each other that the normal fucking guy cannot fathom why in the hell he is not getting fucked. Has anybody figured out that the reason teenagers are killing themselves by the scores is that they cannot believe that with all the fucking going on on the internet, all the gorgeous "teen" pages, that they cannot get a girl to go see "Bring It On" with them. I cannot imagine what it must be like to be a teenage guy in 2001. I had to sneak porno out of my dad's co-workers' office and best friend's houses, just to have something to stroke to. It took me 5 years to get over "Brown and White Sugar" one of those $25 cover priced late 70's lesbo porn mags that showed actual insertion. I was afraid the feds were going to raid my Mamaw's house and find it, so I finally ditched it on the railroad tracks and then proceeded to dream about the "Brown" in the duo for the next 17 months. Now a kid with a computer and a high speed connection has the capability to completely pull his dick off. Either that or of course become so desensitized that it will take a 1954 Buick driven slowly up his ass to even give him a boner. Can you imagine having to actually go on a date with a girl, if the only version of sex you have been accustomed to is the variety on the internet? The 'new erotica" don't leave much to the imagination.

"How about dinner, a movie and then we go back to my place and you suck my cock until I gag you and you puke and then I'll lube up my fist and stick it up your ass, while you build up a big poop. Then you take a dump on my face while I try and catch my breath while hanging from my belt with a rubber gag ball in my mouth. Finally, you watch me beat off in your shoe and then drink it. I should have you home by 11 because I'll have to post the . jpegs on the Linux users news group. Maybe tomorrow you can bring your little brother."

It is not that far from the truth...do I care, nah, not really but think of the last time you saw some porn that showed a guy and gal having good ol' dick/vagina intercourse, he pulled it out and she grabbed it and finished the deal for him. I think it was 1983 over at Scott Blackwood's house.

Ahh, the good ol' days, when you enjoyed a shit just for the simplicity of taking one.

Hey, but feel free to send any pictures of anything you do directly to me. I am not desensitized, yet.

Poop on Tread

He said it...shoot him!

This is nice. I like that..


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