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If I has only as important as Robert Vincent O'Neill's ANGEL, then I could go on living. That is what I got from rewatching 1984's ANGEL...this movie lays it all out there for us, the viewers, life on the streets of North Hollywood is tough, what with a serial killer slashing up the gorgeous ladies of the evening, the creepy undercover cops and trig homework, shit being Angel is a bitch.

O'Neill, who brought us Wonder Women and the absolutely stellar Vice Squad, was shooting for the moon with this puppy and he made a lot of green but Angel plays more like a made-for-TV movie with a couple locker nudity scenes than the down in gutter portrayal of the poon merchant that I believe we all want to see.

All I know is this was one hell of a date movie, 1984, wow, Merry-Go-Round and Chess King was where any well-dress dude shopped. Homelessness just didn't exist and the ladies, let's just say the only thing you had to worry about was "herpes." I remember going to see Angel on a Saturday afternoon matinee, with my high school sweetheart and actually getting emotionally attached to Angel. I mean she don't got no daddy, she has to hook to pay the rent, and she hangs out with this kooky, extended family that looks out for her. Hey prostitution looks kinda fun, can I do it, too? Hell, hanging out with a fellow dressed up as Jack Lemmon, dressed up as a lady, played to ultra-ham levels by Dick Shawn, whose credits include the "Snow Miser" in The Year Without Santa Claus, fuckin A, an aged old cowboy, Rory Calhoun, who of course got the screws put to him to save the tabloids from printing the fact that Rock Hudsun was a "queer" and whose "Farmer Vicent" shall live in infamy, Susan Tyrell, who is a angry lesbian mother figure, not in the movie but in real life...what I am saying is although the movie doesn't glamourize having a nutt sac rest on your chin for a living, it doesn't do much to sway you from wanting to give it a try.

O'Neill tries his damnedest to give us some socially redeemig shit, some slasher shit, some good cop shit and some shit. Unfortunately all this shit may be too much shit to try and put into one shitty movie. Had this been a little grittier, ala Hardcore, this might have been a classic as opposed to an oddity with an incredible cast...Angel, who is played Donna Wilkes, gave me a adolescent boner as the sobby girlfriend in Jaws 2, looks as if she really is 15 years old. I think she was actually 37 when she made Angel. Seriously, she was proabably 24-25 years old. She never takes her clothes off, she never curses, she never catches a load in her hair. I am sorry , I just didn't believe she was a hooker. A scene early in the film lends the only real grit to this thing, when Angel is picked up by a overweight, balding, pock marked, vice cop...played by Gene Ross! That's right BOF fans, Gene Ross, Odie Pickett from Poor White Trash 2, and we watched this thing and fucking didn't even recognize him not to mention Ross Hagen drives by screaming about his pecker at Angel from the back of a truck. 2 "great" actors, one great scene in a movie that lacks great scenes.

Our slasher is the weightlifting mommy-hating type,who goes undercover as a Hari Krishna, John Deihl, see him this weekend in Pearl fuckin' Harbor, and is effective but doesn't have a line till the end when he says..."Thanks" No, thank you. John for livening up this otherwise feel-good fucker about whoring.

Okay maybe I am just old, but Angel still gives me something, I am not sure what, but I hope antibiotics can kill it, but it is worthy of the 90+ minutes you'll invest. Given that Julia Roberts became America's sweetheart for a movie about sucking and shopping with Pretty Woman, it is shocking that Angel is on it's 4th fucking sequel and poor Donna Wilkes hasn't been in a film since 1988, she can suck and shop too America! See it, and I might, just maybe, review Avenging Angel sometime, we'll see. Right now I'm off to pay for sex. Lader.

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1984, those were the best weeks of my life!

The locker room at Angel's high school...oh the horror!.

Rory "frickin" Calhoun, he's a cowboy, he's the real McCoy!

Our egg-sucking bad dude...he hates his mommy.

This shots sell the whole movie, yes!

I am naming my next band International Love Boutique

Gene Ross....the heat, the pig, the man...an undercover vice cop.

She's an angry lesbian, punk rock chick, can't you tell?

Okay Angel only gets this nekkid. Sorry guys,

Cross-dressing fist fighting, it is good.

More locker room hijinks...poor Angel.

Ross Hagen, doing some drive by actin'.
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