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Harry H. Novak was a dirty old man. A sort of meat-and-potatoes Russ Meyer, he shoveled loads of celluloid treats down America's greedy smut-hole, among them these 2 hillbilly pud-pounders that hold up very well since they were completely fucking filthy.

THE PIGKEEPERS DAUGHTER features a pair of drop dead gorgeous redheads(check out those curves ladies, stop starving yourselves and let some air in those tires!), a mom who looks a whole lot better with nothing on, a filthy smelly University of Ky. fan father, and a horny farmboy looking to poke some hay. True SEXINESS might not happen, but SEXY's close cousin DIRTIENESS does show up with lots of nudity and surprisingly graphic softcore humpin'.. .Or maybe not so surprising considering that the whole "down-on-the-farm" unspoiled young beauty myth is the stuff of classic American erotica. At least to guys, I guess. Or maybe its just the scene of one sister getting slopped while the younger sister enjoys some heavy bean flicking while watching. Yow! Plus some fine music. Uh-huh.

Almost as good is SASSY SUE, the DVD's co-feature which shows us two more beauties in a bathtub tryst ending with the memorable line "I thank I'm gonna come harder than I did layust time." Both are available on one disc from Something Weird complete with the usual trailers, short subjects, and the annoying "SWV" bug over much of the material. Hey Vraney! We already paid for the fucking thing, would it kill ya to take your logo off of it? Could you imagine somebody pulling that shit with Shrek?

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A rare moment of dialogue from the lovey Pigkeeper's Daughter.

A little self-maintenance...

The Pigkeeper's Daughter's oral delights.

The horny bumpkin gets in on the action

Gotta like boobs alot.

I'm not sure they are getting very clean.
Harry Novak spared no expense...

There's a Pigkeeper's Daughter now!

And there is the pigkeeper, ain't he cute?

There's a horny bumpkin!

See I told ya, he's really horny!

I bet you know what these are.

The Pigkeeper's wife, hubba, hubba!

OhOh face...action!

OhOh face #2!

OhOh face...#3!

Wiggle, wiggle....
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