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I make no bones about the fact that I like movies that exploit the female anatomy, the sexuality of female characters and I guess, females, in general. I am not talking pornography per se, although it achieves all of those things, but I am slightly more interested in plot and character study that most straight porn delivers on. There are many porn movies I can say I actually like, there are scenes, actresses and even actors I can say that about but the actual movies that I can claim to enjoy start to finish you can count on one hand. But none of this is my point. Exploitation, was the point I was making, is not the same animal it was when REVENGE OF THE CHEERLEADERS was made. In 1976, mainstream theater-goers were spending hard earned cash on the likes of TAXI DRIVER, NETWORK and ROCKY. CARRIE and SQUIRM were shocking the masses. But something else was going on, the exploitation market was full of fantastic films overflowing with scenes of sex, violence, and of course cheerleaders.

Cheerleader films were nothing new in 1976, In 1972, Paul Glickler gave us THE CHEERLEADERS which should be remembered as the humpingist "softcore" film I think that had been made up until that point. Thin on plot, but full of the cheapest thrills, it featured High School honeys who were willing to hump just about anything that walked. It didn't hurt that it played directly into the hands of the young male audience by touching on the male infatuation with women armed with Pom-Poms. THE CHEERLEADERS found a way to incite a lot of attention, due the rather high number of sexual encounters depicted in the film. The "R" rating it received was questioned in many small communities and subsequently, it was trimmed, sliced and edited into many individual local versions. You might be watching it in the town adjoining my town, but I was missing a friggin' or two you were getting in your version. This happened in a lot of small Mom and Pops who were worried about the dreaded "community standards" laws. But it didn't matter because the die had been cast, and the 70s cheerleader genre had been born, vaginally of course.

REVENGE OF THE CHEERLEADERS (ROTC) tries to pick up where the first film left off, in spirit if nothing else. The premise is fairly basic Aloha High School is facing a possible forced merger with Lincoln, which is a "vocational" High School, not nearly as uppity as Aloha. The Aloha High Cheerleaders are not down with the possibility of the merger and plan to stop it from happening at any cost. Especially if the cost is friggin' every stiff dick in town! But most of the sexual activity involves the guys on their own basketball team but who cares.

ROTC employs a strange cast led Cheryl (Rainbeaux) Smith, who lit the screen up in shit from CAGED HEAT to MELVIN AND HOWARD. Rainbeaux may be the ultimate cheerleader having parts in Jack Hill's classic THE SWINGING CHEERLEADERS, REVENGE OF THE CHEERLEADERS and THE POM POM GIRLS. With an unbridled energy and little or no modesty, Rainbeaux has been paid the ultimate compliment by many a teenage boy throughout her career, that compliment or course, the jerk-off. Funny-man magician Carl Ballentine, best know for Mchale's Navy, plays the eccentric principal who blows up his office while trying to cook a turkey with his special piss-test sauce and in a bizarre coo for Glickler, Eddra Gale adds her services as the "evil and horny" Nurse Beam. Gale was a Fellini alumnus and had bit parts in THE GRADUATE and WHAT'S NEW PUSSCAT? As a "Beulah Ballbreaker" warden-type personality who wants to make sure the merger happens so she can make more money from the developers chomping at the bit to build a mall where Aloha High School stands, Gale comes off as one of the "actors" in a cast of "non-actor-types". Pudgy, goofy and daring as an actress, she seems like the old pro around these nubile nipple mavens.

One other cast member of note, David Hasselhoff. That is right, German Pop SensationTM and serious actor, director and producer David Hasselhoff is Boner. Boner is the long, lankey center for the basketball team. When he is not scoring on the court he is scoring in the front seat of his car parked in Autoshop, or in the locker room. He also adds his talents to the many choreographed danced sequences that pad the film. Don't go looking for this one on the Internet Movie Database or over at www.davidhasselhoff.com because its not there. David is not too proud of his performance which even offered full frontal male nudity! It's 1976 though so don't expect a Boner from Boner, it is just flopping around like a tired Vienna (I bet that they love his songs too!) Sausage, but hey, it's Hasselhoff's so who cares?!

Without striking up too much "they don't make 'em like they used to" rhetoric, Hollywood, for all the absolute drivel that arrives week after week couldn't fathom films that have this much actual energy. With dance numbers, cheerleading and let's not forget analingus, ROTC brings it. The sex scenes are reminiscent of a simpler time in comedic fodder. I have been on the receiving end of a fair amount a sexual proclivity in my life but I have never fainted, been exhausted beyond actual movement, or blew smoke from my mouth or ears. You get my point, these cheerleaders are good, maybe too good. When a over anxious cheerleader can't wait for her ice cream slinging beau to finish waiting on a teacher who intrupted their coitus, she begins to lick his ass before delivering the reach around that sends him into triple dipping delight. With extra whipped cream, no doubt sans cherry!

The most memorable set of circumstances in ROTC, Aloha's gals steal drugs from opposing Lincoln in the middle of class time and returns to school to mix the lunch room's spaghetti sauce with pills, coke, heroin, pot, and liquor on the day the review committee from the School Board is due to inspect the school. Student faculty and the like begin to "totally freakout" while the cheerleaders sneak into the team's locker room during shower time and the orgiastic festivities begin. Like the classic Stones video with all the bubbles, the couples all have at it. Hasselhoff and the boys show no shame and even the pregnant cheerleader is featured….Oh, I haven't brought up the pregnant cheerleader? In the year 2001, that doesn't seem like that shocking of a comedic device, in 1976, you can bet your ass it was, not only is her character preggers, Rainbeaux truly is, and this wasn't only film she did a nude scene in while she was with child. A similar fate had befallen Rainbeaux during the making of Jack Hill's SWINGING CHEERLEADERS, when she shot her nude scenes a couple months into pregnant plumpness (her breasts might be the most perfect pair committed to $5 celluloid). One wonders did she have back to back babys or were these 2 features only a couple months apart on the shooting schedule. ROTC's spawn is shown post-credits as Rainbeaux has become a beautiful young mother with dark circles under her eyes still wearing her cheerleading outfit.

Back to the scene. Well, after these shenanigans, the board orders a new principal to report to Aloha to get shit straight and Principal Walker is a do-right man and the fur -flies whe he decides to remove our over-sexed sextet from performing cheering duties and brings in his own "model student" scabs to cheer in the big game.

For some reason if Aloha can win this game it will prove to the board the school is worthy of saving and Principal Walker wants the school to stay, but the developer Mr. Hartlander has other ideas. With the help of Nurse Beam and his goody-two-shoes daughter he will keep Aloha from winning….

I won't give it away from here but the conclusion involves a Boner, some chloroform, a giant hollow Brontosaurus, panty sniffing, white boy lay-ups, golf and quicksand. I don't think you can say that about to many other films.

ROTC is not the best of the titacular Cheerleader genre but it does stand on its own as a damn fine entry into the usually benign stroke-fogger teen comedies it pre-dated. It was a long stretch between shots of these gal's crotch pom-poms and the next time you saw teen bush. You can reel off a dozen shitty teen sex comedies that flash a tit or a bare ass but most never bother to go south of the border for the beard shot. And don't even mention male frontal nudity because it ceased to exist. ROTC, like its predecessor delivered, so that you might also be delivered.

Richard Lerner who directed ROTC wrote and edited the original, it is safe to say in the 4 years between the 2 films, he never stopped liking young pussy, neither should you. Gimme A "M", Gimme A "E", Gimme A "O", Gimme a "W" WHAT DOES THAT SPELL? MEOW!

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Quicksand gags always rule!
1976 and all is not well at Aloha High.

But never fear our heroines are here!

And this strapping young man just got his Hassel-hoffed.

If every film only used the newspaper for plot exposition.

Heather (Rainbeaux Smith) reads the news while Sesame (Patrice Rohmer airs out her crotch pom-pom.

Boner (David Hasselhoff) gets jiggy wit it.

Interracial Love at the Ice Cream Shoppe.


Tish gets a bite of ass!

Mmmmmmmppphhhhh Mmmrrrph Mmmmmmmpppphhhhhrrr!

The money shot!

Nurse Beam gets a suck.

Boner gets Sesame all clean!

That's Hasselhoff on the left all nekkid!

Why not...Here's Rainbeaux's bouncy baby!

I wonder if Paramedics ever use this technique?

The pig checks Leslie for bacon.
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